Active 20-30 Club #36 Greater Roseville/South Placer

One never stands so tall as when kneeling to help a child

Crab Feed 2024

Registration for The 27th Annual Active 20-30 Club Crab & Shrimp Feed is now open!

Visit for tickets!

Your $75 event ticket includes

Make sure you’ve checked in and you’ve found a seat before dinner is served at 7pm!


Proceeds from this event benefit our work with local children’s organizations including

Sponsorship levels

Pot of Gold - $2500

Four Leaf Clover - $1500

Leprechaun - $500

Lucky Charm - $100

About Us

The Active 20-30 Club combines social events for local young professionals with philanthropic efforts that benefit children locally and national through a number of organizations and initiatives.

With the support of individuals and businesses in the community, we are able to make it a better place for children to grow– today and tomorrow!

We are:


Most weeks we meet at Old Town Pizza in Roseville, but this can be subject to change. Please contact us via email or Facebook message and we will gladly confirm the location of our next meeting!

We meet the Second and Fourth Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

If you are interested in joining the club, the best way to get started is to attend a meeting. Guests are always welcomed with a free beverage of their choice. If you have additional questions and are unable to attend a meeting, contact us using the links below.


How to get in touch with the club:


July 2023 - June 2024 term  
President Evan Walker
Vice President Jared Gorton
2nd Vice President Kelly Foster
Board Members Mayra Barocio, Cynthia Martinez-Walley, Kevin Worth
Sergeant-at-Arms Greg Neale

General Email

Mailing Address

Active 20-30 Club #36
PO Box 111
Roseville, CA 95678


Tax Info

Active 20-30 Club #36 is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, meaning your generous donation(s) to the club may be tax-deductible (see your financial advisor). Tax ID 20-3909989

More info

For anybody curious about the Active 20-30 Club:


The Active 20-30 Club has its beginnings in 1922 when young men in two separate communities in the US saw the need for a service club for young men. They found that established service clubs were dominated by older men, run by older men, and had officers who were invariably older men.

This realization led these ambitious young men to organize clubs of their own. These new clubs shared the ideal that young people would have a chance to engage actively in service to their communities; where young ideas and civic responsibilities, backed by enthusiasm and the energy of youth, could be shared on an equal basis with clubs comprised of older men.

These pioneers of youth-led service clubs simultaneously created two identical clubs which later merged to form Active 20-30 International.

International Affiliations

Active 20-30 USA & Canada is a member of Active 20-30 International and the World Council of Service Clubs (WOCO). These organizations enable us to reach children in Europe, Africa, India, North and South America.

Growing Strong

The Active 20-30 Club has grown from its inception in 1922 to include more than 100 clubs in both hemispheres. As a member of WOCO, Active 20-30 members participate in international charitable events and share the belief that children are the future across the globe.


Bell, Banner & Gavel

Every club in Active 20-30 is issued a club banner, a brass bell, and a president’s gavel. These are standard items that each club must maintain as an Active 20-30 club and must be used at all official club meetings. However, a tradition among many of the clubs is to make sure that no one “steals” these items from the meeting. Any member may attempt to steal one of these items during the meeting and then it is returned in some most unusual ways. Even members visiting from area clubs may attempt to steal one of these items. The banner belongs to the club. The bell and gavel belong to the current President. (Protect the banner at all costs!) The bell and gavel can be stolen only from the time the meeting is run in until it has been rung out.

Songs & Pledges

Many of the clubs begin each club meeting with a song or the Pledge of Allegiance and may end each meeting with a song as well.


When a person becomes a member of a club, they are issued an official name badge with their name and club name engraved. In many clubs, it is a requirement that each member wear their badge during the meeting. Like the bell, banner, and gavel, these are items that may be stolen by other members and somtimes ransomed back!


Every meeting you will see a container passed around with money in it. This is our Pennies-A-Day container. One club member is designated the “Can Carrier” and he or she is responsible for container. The least you can do for a child is to donate one penny a day. The money collected will be presented to the Convention Host Club to be donated back to their community.


At most meetings we fine our members for anything from not wearing their badge to getting up in the middle of the meeting to wearing a green shirt. All fines are meant in good fun. Fine money is used to purchase beverages for prospective members’ first visits.

Benefits of Membership

Financial Obligations

All members are required to pay dues. Member dues are $10.00 per month; but will be collected every six months; in January and July.